Tips to Prevent High Blood Pressure

You are likely to have high blood pressure if a family member has been detected. But that does not mean this condition cannot be prevented. If you have already been diagnosed with this disease, you can go to to find how lower high blood pressure fast. If you have not, there are several steps you can take to manage your blood pressure even if you have many risk factors. Here are some of them:

–    Do a healthy diet. Always choose foods and drinks high and low sugar, fat, and salt.
–    Stop smoking and avoid becoming a passive smoker or often exposed to secondhand smoke.
–    Exercise regularly. Move actively and exercise 20-30 minutes each day.
–    Limit or if possible avoid alcohol consumption.
–    Keep your weight normal with a mixture of regular exercise and a healthy diet.
–    Limit the consumption of salt that is contained in many snacks.
–    Handle stress. Stress makes your body produce chemicals that can make blood vessels narrow and heart beat faster.