Some Criticism of CEFR

Initially, many educators have criticized the CEFR with respect to the extent of its level. Each of the six levels consists of a variety of skills and abilities. The skills of a student who has just reached B1 cefr level is quite far behind the other students who almost, but not yet fully master all the skills at B2 cefr level, while the two students will be defined as being at level B1. From a practical point of view, teachers are required to divide every six levels into smaller sub-levels to design lessons and assessments.

Currently, it is still not common to use CEFR levels to describe your level of proficiency in non-European languages. However, outside of Europe, many countries already have widely applied assessment tests. They do not see the added value of switching to another level-setting framework that is not in line with their current assessment test. Especially for English, the most widely used standardized assessment test turns out to be incompatible with CEFR.