Short history about 3d printing pen

The 3D printing pen has been created thanks to the invention of the first 3d printers. Since that time, many inventors are trying to make the more portable version of the 3d printers. Thus a, allowing the 3d printing pen to be invented. One of the 3d printing pen brands, the 3Doodler has been invented since April 28th, 2009. A website in the US named Kickstarter has funded Pete and Max $450.000.000 to invent the 3d printing pen. You can learn more about this pen by visiting to find more info about those pens.

There are 3 million people who’ve been involved in this project. Finally, right now, we can enjoy the fruits of their project at the surprisingly cheap price. The 3Doodler pen costs only $75. It’s a very affordable price compared to things that people can make by relying on that 3D printing pen. On YouTube alone, there are so many videos that have shown many people that 3d printing pen can create many amazing things. Thus, if it’s used properly, it can be used to enhance one’s creativity while also helping a person to make some money at the same time.