Instruction Guide for the Rhythm Clock

Rhythm clock is one of the famous clocks in the world because of its popularity. In America, rhythm clock is known as not only a tool that can help you to know the time but also it can help you for the reminder and the relaxation tool that it can produce any sounds which makes you becomes relaxed. For you who have just buying the Rhythm clocks, the followings are some important instruction that you need to know to make sure that the rhythm clock you buy is properly set up.

– Hang the clock firmly
The first thing that you need to do to make install the rhythm clock properly is to hang it to the wall firmly. You can use the enclosed screw can be used for only the tough wooden wall. You might need different screw that make your life becomes reliable.

– Do not ever open the clock
If you have just bought a rhythm clock, don’t try to open the clock because it will damage the clock or make the clock becomes malfunctioning. More importantly, do not put or placed the clock in the heat or cold area, dusty area, and the other place that has the magnetic power.

– Do not use the thinner to clean the clock
It is the common mistake that most of people using the thinner to clean the rhythm clock with the thinner. But, soft soap like a general cleaner is highly recommended due to its considerable pH level.

– Replace the battery at least once a year
If you have the battery which looks worn out, it is a good idea to replace the battery. The worn out battery will make the clock work improperly and then it will damage your rhythm clock.

That’s all the guidance or instruction for the rhythm clock. If you are looking for more information, you can contact us soon.